Mr Eazi and his girlfriend Temi Otedola are sure adorables as they both share wonderful memories on IG.

Mr Eazi openly admits his girlfriend, Temi Otedola has finished him

According to Temi,on their second date, Mr Eazi made her watch a YouTube video for two straight hours of one of his favorites music acts of all time; Andrea Bocelli. A memory they would never forget. Mr Eazi seems to be a die hard fan of Andrea Bocelli that he listened to his song beofre embarking on a tour nd even when sick.

Temi happened to make her boyfriend's wish come true as she surprised him with a ticket to go see Andrea Bocelli's live concert.

She took to her IG page to shrae the memory saying:

[i]On our seco[i]nd date ever (17th February 2017) you made me watch youtube videos of Andrea Bocelli singing for like 2 hours lol and said if you could see anyone live in concert it would be him. Well almost 3 years later I managed to surprise you with tickets to his show.[/i][/i]

Mr Eazi replied saying:

[i]Haha I rememb[i]er I was so sick about to go on tour & I played Andrea non stop!! Lol!! Thank You so much my love! For an unforgettable experience!!! U don finish me!![/i][/i]

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