Former Playboy model, Simone Holtznagel who is known for her killer curves and large E-cup breasts has shared a chilling warning to those considering breast enlargement with plastic surgery.

Ex-Playboy model, warn women against the danger of breast enlargement surgery

The 25-year-old took who underwent breast enlargement surgery took to Instagram to bitterly complain about her E-cup breasts.  According to Simone,  her larger boobs gives her nothing but grief, pain and discomfort.

'As the owner of E+ tiddies, why anyone would want their natural boobs enlarged is beyond me,' Simone wrote over a selfie from bed.[/i]

'Big boobs suck, they hurt, your back hurts and most of the time you need to sleep in a crop top and I'll sell them for f***ing cheap just to get them off my chest,' she quipped.[/i]


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